Basic SEO techniques

When it comes to launching and promoting a website, SEO is a important, but also very wide issue. With lots of available options, it’s quite easy to get lost in the topic. If you’re planning to start your SEO campaign, it’s important to learn at least basic tools and techniques that you can implement – let’s check it out! Presented tricks are simple, but effective and we ensure that they shouldn’t be a secret for any webmaster.

Dead links on Wikipedia

This tool is not easy to use, but truly powerful! When it comes to SEO, Wikipedia is a strong website, and having a link there is more than valuable. The whole thing is about finding some articles with dead links, and then replacing those links to personal website. True, it’s not that easy to find such gaps, but once you’re done with this, you can observe a perfect example of SEO improvement.

Keywords from AdWords

Do you know what kind of keywords are the most suitable for optimizing your website? If you’re not sure of it, you can check out another trick – just find the phrases that are being used at Google AdWords campaigns and pick them also for your own page. As they are approved by Google, they’re already accepted and tested, so you can be sure that they will do their job well. It’s simple, and works perfectly!

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Focus on YouTube

There’s no need to convince anyone that YouTube is a truly powerful tool when it comes to improving SEO. Having some good results on this page can simply dominate all the other search results at Google – having your video on the top might give a boost to your promotion! Then, it’s important to take care of increasing position of your movies, so remember to optimize them by putting some keywords into their titles and descriptions. Here you can even make your text longer to provide also valuable content in the style of a short blogpost.

Optimize headings

As headings usually contain important keywords, it’s important to give some boost also to them – remember to optimize them by using <h2> and </h2> tags. It will make your phrases much better recognizable and visible for Google. It’s simple and worth implementing! Moreover, it will improve not only SEO, but also the navigation of your website and will help your visitors easily find the desirable content. – marketing agency

The last important tip is: keep your website updated! By using mentioned tricks, posting regularly and adjusting your website to new trends you can launch a successful SEO campaign.