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Visit Poland – Auschwitz and Salt mine near Cracow

Southern parts of Poland are definitely one of the most picturesque parts of the country. With many historically significant landmarks and out-of-this-world landscapes, there is no way to visit Poland and not come down to Krakow –

Why the big city life is better?

It’s a life in a constant hurry, stress, excessive noise and breathing polluted air. In addition to these negative consequences, living there gives you a lot of possibilities and numerous attractions, also those cultural . The city

Does the true New Yorker exist?

Apparently not… Yes, in theory there lives about 8 mln people (probably with another 8 mln living there illegally), but suddenly only half of them were born in New York and  about 20% of them were born

Globalization… Good or Bad?

Globalization is still a pretty frightening concept for an “old-school” business type like me. Even though I cannot ignore the fact that it is happening around me, I still like having the ability of real life meetings