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DAAS Group

Big is beautiful – this slogan has been guiding the work of the DAAS Group for years.

Basement development – planning an extension – how to calculate costs

Building an extension for your house can be a great way to upgrade the space and increase the value of any property. The idea of extending out to the garden or up through the roof has been


We offer a fully complementary and advanced system for washing, drying, transporting and distributing 3D glasses. Kooptech-Cinema is proud to present its modern system providing solutions for washing and drying 3D glasses, transporting and distributing 3D glasses

IT infrastructude management guide

IT Infrastructure is now one of the key elements of any business and the heart of any enterprise in the world. Almost every enterprise relies heavily on business-aligned IT to support their business operations and growth.

Visit Poland – Auschwitz and Salt mine near Cracow

Southern parts of Poland are definitely one of the most picturesque parts of the country. With many historically significant landmarks and out-of-this-world landscapes, there is no way to visit Poland and not come down to Krakow –

Quick pipeline welding – how industry enterprises empower the speed of pipeline assembly

The pipeline industry is based on precise welds. Without well made, thoroughly checked and properly secured welds, pipelines can quickly become unstable and unreliable. But speed is much appreciated here, just as it is in any other

Personal data protection and GDPR – rules for organizations

Personal data protection has risen to be one of the most important tasks for every company that handles fragile client data on a daily basis. Recent years and many breaches in security systems have shown that keeping

About industrial software developemtn

Every business needs its software. Computing systems help us all, regardless of the industry we work for. Every estimating process, job costing, management and scheduling requires using some sort of software to help with automation and efficiency.

Looking for a medical job? Read these tips!

Foreigners looking for a medical job in Sweden is not a new topic  – the trend has been going on for a couple of years now and the number of people searching for a job there is

Which lighting to choose for the contemporary living room?

The subject of lighting is a very important issue in the arrangement of the house as it helps to build the proper mood. This article will be focused on modern interiors, because this is currently most popular