The lesson of windsurfing – where to study and how to choose the proper instructor?

Windsurfing is a very technical sport. Starting your adventure with windsurfing, from the beginning you should learn everything properly, to avoid all the bad habits. It is importand, because all the mistakes can make your lessons harder and it also can be unsafe for you.

The wind is the most important

The whole fun of swimming on the board is associated with the wind, which – if we have the right skills and a proper equipment – does all the work for us. It is importand to use your own strength, but at the beggining only when you want to pull the sail out of the water. If you want fully enjoy windsurfing, go to the place with a perfect wind and wave.

Where to learn?

You can learn on your own mistakes or choose a windsurfing school or training under the supervision of the individual instructor. A big plus is, that the schools usually offer the possibility to rent the equipment in different variants, so everyone can choose the right set for themselves. Learning in a group is giving the opportunity to see the other with a lot of hours spent on the water, it greatly accelerates the learning process.

It is worth to prepare well from the theoretical side before starting the the training: you should know the equipment, names of the courses and become familiar with the description of the basic maneuvers. As a result, immediately and with greater understanding, you will catch contact with an instructor, which will provide a faster progress.

Kite and windsurfing

School or a private instructor?

An unquestionable advantage is the ability to learn under the supervision of a specialist who can catch and correct all your mistakes. Learning one-on-one seems to have the same advantages, except maybe the price.

Usually in the the surfing school we get professional help with a proper choice of the equipment, as well as we will get all the advices if we would like to change our board.

The basic benefit of learning under the guidance of the instructor is the security.