Paragona – jobs for doctors

Paragona is one of the best known medical recruitment organizations in Europe. The agency provides hundreds of jobs for specialized doctors and rest of the medical service. The recruitment procedure is very simple and you don’t need to worry about it. Go to Paragona’s website where in comfortable way you can send your CV.

When your CV will be accepted you will have an appointment through Skype, about which you will be informed a few days before.

Thanks to this step, the Paragona employees will get to know you better, same as your personality. It’s important also for you, because you can ask any question you want during the whole Skype interview.

After providing you a place to work, the Paragona will organize for you a professional trainings. This organization provides advanced Language Training, Professional Adaptation Training and Cultural Integration Training.

The agency depends on the highest quality of your work, so that’s why all the costs of these courses will be covered by the Paragona. You do not need to worry about a foreign country and language, you will win all the barriers together with Paragona. That’s great if your family will decide to move together with you, they also will get a help. Do not be afraid and fulfill your dreams with Paragona. Apply now!

Paragona UNITED
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Al. Jana Pawła II 29, Atrium Plaza, lobby C, 00-867 Warsaw

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