TOP 4 ideas for improving the brand’s image

How to improve the image of the brand? We present four ideas that can help change the way the brand is perceived by the public.

One: Rebranding

Rebranding is a process aimed at changing the perception of a brand. It consists of planning, creating, and maintaining a new image in order to distinguish the brand from the competition. It involves the modification of one or all of the components of a brand. The task of rebranding is to refresh the brand through actions such as changing the logo, name, and image or adding specific features and highlighting specific changes within the company. The whole process can be divided in four stages:

  1. Creating a new brand strategy based on marketing research.
  2. Preparing brand visual identification methods.
  3. Introducing changes in communication channels with consumers.
  4. Informing the internal and external environment about changes in the company.

In order to attract customers and make them aware of the upcoming changes, the rebranding should be announced in an interesting, creative way. It can be done through social media profiles, newsletter, by means of a contest, or using a countdown to reveal a new face of the brand. If conducted well, rebranding can offer substantial financial benefits.

Two: Charity involvement

Getting involved in charity and aligning the brand with a charitable organization tells the public that the brand’s identity goes beyond products and services it offers. It helps create a more caring, socially conscious, and humanitarian image, which attracts customers who share the same values. Moreover, the charity involvement enhances the brand’s visibility and allows it to reach new clientele.

Three: Customer appreciation

A great way to improve the image of the brand is also to show appreciation to the loyal customers, by giving them a prize. Creation of loyalty programs is advised in order to keep the clients satisfied and willing to continue doing business with a company. A happy customer is ten more likely to refer the brand to family, friends, and acquaintances. Many companies focus on obtaining new clients, but in reality it is keeping the existing customers that brings in more revenue and is more cost-effective.

Four: Implementation of the eco solutions

Due to the ever-growing environmental awareness of the customers, a very effective way to improve the image of the brand is to implement ecological solutions in order to diminish the carbon imprint of the business. The best way to showcase care for the environment is to switch to eco-friendly packaging. Nowadays, companies have many options. They can opt to implement:

  • compostable packaging, which is made from organic materials, such as cornstarch, sugarcane, wood, and algae, that decompose easily and not leave behind any harmful chemicals and particles;
  • recycled packaging, which is made of reused plastics, paper, and cardboard obtained from post-consumer and post-industrial sources;
  • reusable packaging, such as pouches or, in case of e-commerce brands, mailers, which are designed to be resilient, easy to clean, and repurposable for a vast variety of uses.

A great eco solution, that is suitable for brands from many different fields, is the implementation of KRAFT boxes, manufactured by MILO Group – a leader among rigid boxes packaging manufacturers. The boxes are made of renewable, FSC-certified solid cardboard and use ecological veneer. Aside from being eco-friendly, they are also robust, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing. The KRAFT boxes have an interesting design, and will prove themselves in any industry. They are a perfect solution for companies that want to express their care for the planet.