Which lighting to choose for the contemporary living room?

The subject of lighting is a very important issue in the arrangement of the house as it helps to build the proper mood. This article will be focused on modern interiors, because this is currently most popular style of decoration in our houses. With  a good lighting in the living room we can extract zones, highlight its advantages, hide flaws, change proportions. The important function of lighting in the living room which is often underestimated, is the mood building, especially in the sitting area. That’s why you should read this article. With all this knowledge you will consciously choose a proper lighting in your home.


Lighting of a modern living room

In this article we will focus on the living room. It is the most representative room in the house and the place where we spend most of our time actively. It is also a place where you need a lighting of different types. There are times when we want our entire living room to be very well lit. In this case the best is the modern sublime lighting. Thanks to it the whole living room is bright and pleasant.

However, there are times when the upper lighting is too sharp and we do not want to use it. Then the best solution are standing lamps or sconces which will give us the opportunity to create atmospheric light and it encourages relaxation. Modern standing lamps can look really different.

However, this is not a place for numerous decorations, frills or extravagant stuffs. In modern interiors simplicity and moderately are definitely better.

For example in the modern living room, with very raw concrete on the wall, lighting is very worthwhile in decorations. However, it fulfills its main function, that is, it gives light, but also serves as an additional or decorative element. This makes the interior coherent and finite. It is raw, straightforward and cozy, thanks to the comfortable couch and carpet that decorates the center of the room. These interiors are liked very much.

Illumination for a modern kitchen

We cannot skip the kitchen because it is often part of the living room. This room is often bordered by a living room, and it’s lighting is supposed to perform two functions again. On the one hand it must illuminate the work space and on the other decorate the room and make an important accent throughout the interior design. But let’s focus on the first feature, that is to provide a perfect lighting.

In a well-designed modern kitchen, we can clearly see a clear functional division. There is a typical working part that is used to prepare meals, but there is also a dining area where lighting is also important but may be slightly less intense than in the working area. For this reason, we usually have several different types of lighting in our kitchens, so we can use the one we need the most.


Let us ask ourselves what kind of lamp in the modern kitchen we must remember to keep consistent style. It does not mean that all lamps should be the same, it is even way better to choose different lamps in places that have different functions, but at the same time we should maintain a consistent style. Thanks to this, everything will blend nicely together.