Why the big city life is better?

It’s a life in a constant hurry, stress, excessive noise and breathing polluted air. In addition to these negative consequences, living there gives you a lot of possibilities and numerous attractions, also those cultural . The city usually offers you much better access to medical care, which indicates a higher quality of life and physical health. But Whether life under constant stress and daily chase in the urban jungle is possible without prejudice to the status of mental health? I am sorry, but it isn’t. The city dwellers more often are exposed to chronic fatigue, various diseases and mental disorders.
The vast majority of the world’s population consists of people living in the large cities. Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Mexico are examples of cities in which they live every day millions of people.

Why do people choose to live in a big city?

Certainly for practical reasons, because in a big city everything is at your fingertips – schools, shops, hospitals, clubs. Secondly, the city gives us unlimited choices. Interesting attractions in cities such museums, cinemas, theaters, libraries, as well as beauty salons and relaxation in the spa – you can multiply the perspective of leisure. This is easier for us to find satisfying work and we have a much greater choice of interesting offers than in the countryside. A large number of educational and scientific institutions fosters continuous skills upgrading and development of your own career path. Not to mention the highly developed transport network, with which you can easily move to any place in the country and the world. As you can see, the advantages of living in the city are enormous.